Kyle Woodrow, bass | Tyler Coates, drums | Robert Delgardo, drums | Ross Perry, drums | Jeff Ramponi, acoustic guitar | Casey Doss, acoustic & electric guitar | Paul Hessing, electric guitar | Chris Navarrete, trumpet | Michael Taylor, marimba | Annie Mulry, vocals | Samantha Nickel, vocals

To Keith Seppanen and Anita Rivas, who dreamed up and supported this incredible adventure.
To my family and friends, for their ongoing encouragement, honesty, and patience.
To all the phenomenal performers and recording engineers who made this album happen.
I am so thankful we got to create this together.

All songs written & arranged by Hugh Hammond
Except track 8 "The Pink Panther Theme" music and lyrics by Henry Mancini | Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC, Spirit Music Group.
Also lyrics for track 3 "Out Beyond Ideas" by 13th-century poet Rumi (translation by Coleman Barks, Copyright 1985). Used with permission.

Produced by Keith Seppanen and Hugh Hammond
Recorded at Raymond Barker Studios, California State University, Chico

Recording and mixing by:
Justin Lomiglio | Casey Doss | Matt Lawley | Matt Ackard | Jeff Ramponi | Steven Meloney | Nicole Rayner | David Branson | Patrick Champagne | Jill Dockter | Ian Keller | Jordan Meyers

Cover photo by Robbie Duenweg | Painting by Nicole Hugaboom | Design by Hugh Hammond




Kevin Berg, drums | Robert Delgardo, drums | Shane Gann, bass | Kyle Woodrow, bass | Alex Heath, tenor saxophone | Trevor Johnson, electric guitar | Logan Vollmers, acoustic guitar | Chico High School Acappella Choir (directed by Mary Lou Lim)

All music was written and arranged by Hugh Hammond.
All music was recorded and mixed by Hugh Hammond, Except “You Know How to Travel" and "Deep Fry Everything" were recorded by Ian Smith, and "Time Stands Still” was recorded by Alex Heath, Galnadgee Joe-Johnson, & Richie Lo.

Cover photo by Annie Paige, courtesy of The Orion.

Thank you!
To my parents, Laurie & Steven Hammond, who have always supported me, and who embraced my passion for music in every way possible. My dream is to someday be as loving, thoughtful, and selfless as you are. You will always be my home.

To Marilyn McGee, who taught me piano, and was my artful and fearless guide through the wilderness of music theory. She is an incredible pianist, mentor and friend, and it is only with her unbelievable amount of patience that I learned to play at all.

To Mary Lou Lim, my high school choir director, who volunteered many hours advising my early writing. She taught me the importance of trusting my instincts, and to never underestimate the power of words and melody to communicate ideas and emotion. She is a truly amazing pianist and person.

To all the family, friends, and teachers who supported me, listened to my ideas, and gave me the courage to follow my heart.

I love you all and I'm so glad to be on this journey with you.