From the recording The Way Home


Eyes of a stranger
Dark as the night
Stranded and lonely
Waiting for light

A terrible sight
This man and his might
At the slightest wind starting to fall
If I gave him the right
His battle of flight
Might have lifted him higher than any wall

Watching me closely
They start to appear
Faces of ages
Hidden by fear

Until such a night
When a boy and his sight
Saw the whole world a little more clear
And taking the hand
Of the stranger inside
He started to disappear

Riding the night
Sleeping under the sun
You run from the light
When the world seems undone
But time is all we’re given for sight
So don’t you fall
Have faith in the light

Out of the darkness
Their voices are rising
Aching for reason
A mirror unwinding

Scenes of the past
Echo blindly at last
And the truth is scorching the night
As the fragments of shadows
Start moving as one
Bound by the light of the sun

Eyes of a stranger
Ready for sight
Lit by the streetlamps
That burn through the night

Their fire is bright
Turning dark into light
So the boy and the stranger can see
That his memories of sorrow
Have been left far behind
And his heart is finally free