1. Melt With Me

From the recording Rebel Compass


You worry sunny days will blind us
You ask, What if perfect
turned out not to be?
I ask, What if we just see?

And what if you
Laughed too much and you lost control?
What if time ran out and
we just made more?
What if you could get safe and warm
After the cold?

Come on love, just
Melt with me

Look I know true love is a fairytale
But that doesn't mean that it isn't real
Have I told you how alive
Seeing you makes me feel?

You tell me beauty fades like the sunset
I say the dark makes way
for the starry sky
And I can't wait to start another day
With you by my side

Come on love, just
Melt with me

What is cold when the sun flames?
When it burns pain away
And your own private night
Can face the day

Come on love, just
Melt with me